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The experienced drivers of BELGIUM LIMOUSINE SERVICES will take you in an imousine, mini-bus or VIP BUS wherever you want:
Private airport transfers, wedding processions, sporting or cultural events with shuttles. You can also hire sports cars for a weekend (Range Rover autobiography and G63 AMG).


No matter how you arrive at Tomorrowland or where you stay, we offer private shuttle, bus and minibus service, as well as chauffeur-driven luxury cars to make your experience even more exceptional.

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Whether you are traveling to Spa Francorchamps or staying in the area, our private shuttle, bus and minibus service, as well as chauffeur-driven luxury cars, are ready to enrich your experience.

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Service Shuttle

Whether you need our shuttle service or are waiting, our offer of private shuttles, buses and minibuses, as well as luxury cars with drivers, is designed to enhance your experience.

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Daily Rental

Whether you need a daily rental or your stay is extended, our vehicle rental service, from private shuttles, buses and minibuses to chauffeur-driven luxury cars, is ready to accommodate to your needs.

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Official Delegations & Embassies

Whether for official delegations or embassies, our transport service, including private shuttles, buses and minibuses, as well as luxury cars with chauffeur, is at your disposal to meet your needs.

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Sightseeing Tours

Whether you want to explore tourist attractions or go sightseeing, our transportation service, including private shuttles, buses and minibuses, as well as chauffeur-driven luxury cars, is at your disposal to enrich your sightseeing experience.

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If your event isn't listed above, don't fret. Whether you're an individual, a company, or an organization, we'll collaborate to tailor the ideal mix of vehicles, chauffeurs, and locations to meet your specific needs.



We take care of everything

Event mobility management

For years, we have developed expertise in “event mobility management”. As such, we do not only offer the transport aspect (participant shuttle) but the entire mobility management of an event:
  • Project preparation: target customer needs and expectations based on the number of participants / drop-off time / shuttle frequency / shuttle duration
  • Back-office management: 1 project manager & 1 or more reservation agents take care of the project.
  • Operational management: we place 1 or more coordinators on the ground to guarantee the proper functioning of the shuttle.
The mobile coordinator allows us to have a dedicated person in the field, linked to our back office. He takes care of:
  1. Preparation before the mission: study of the event.
  2. Discussions with clients / event manager: pre-shuttle meeting to ensure that the mobility plan planned by the office is the most effective.
  3. Risk management with responsible people or experts.
  4. Link between customers and drivers.
  5. Welcome customers on the day of the mission, direct them to the vehicles, dispatch the vehicles according to the flow. Communication is live and immediate for flawless responsiveness.
  6. Post-event mission monitoring for rapid invoicing tracking.
Mobility management for an event, focused on the transport of people by car with driver, van, minibus and black VIP bus, is of capital importance to guarantee the fluidity of shuttles and shuttles during large-scale events. Whether it is for a large-scale event such as a major event (Tomorrowland, EU summit, NATO Summit in Brussels, F1 Grand Prix in Spa, TEFAF, BRAFA) or a conference in a convention center of a corporate group (MICE), meticulous planning is essential to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our expertise in mobility and transport of large groups (up to more than 2,500 people) therefore allows us to take a project in its entirety and ask the following questions:
First of all, it is essential to accurately assess the number of expected participants and their travel needs. This assessment will make it possible to determine the necessary vehicle fleet, taking into account the transport capacities of each type of vehicle (cars with driver, vans, minibuses and buses) as well as a more or less high occupancy rate to maintain a smooth shuttle. . Proactive and detailed communication is also crucial to inform project event managers of the different transport options available, recommended routes and possible traffic or parking restrictions. Effective communication tools, such as dedicated mobile applications or information sign systems (SHUTTLE flags or Shuttle tent), can be deployed to facilitate travel coordination. Parking management is also a major issue in this context. It is essential to provide parking areas appropriate to the size and number of vehicles used to transport participants. In addition, sustainability and environmental impact must be considered in mobility management. Encourage the use of environmentally friendly vehicles: BMW 750e hybrid, Mercedes S580e hybrid, Mercedes EQS electric, EQV electric van or electric minibus and coach equipped with the latest environmental standards are all vehicles that contribute to reducing the footprint carbon from the shuttle event. In summary, effective mobility management for an event focused on the transport of people by car with driver, van, minibus and bus is essential to ensure the fluidity of travel, participant satisfaction and environmental preservation. By carefully planning transportation needs, communicating proactively and promoting sustainable solutions, we ensure an unforgettable experience for a quality and eco-responsible event.
The training of our drivers is of paramount importance to guarantee quality service and meet high customer expectations. These drivers are the know-how and know-how of our company. The initial and continuing training of these drivers must therefore be comprehensive and specialized. It often begins with learning basic skills related to driving, theoretical training is provided in this regard: mastery of luxury vehicles and defensive driving techniques, interpersonal skills and know-how. Indeed, for interpersonal skills, beyond these technical skills, particular attention is paid to aspects such as discretion, courtesy and confidentiality. Through our state contracts with the Belgian federal police and Defense, our drivers and teams, our manager are accredited with a “SECRET” level of confidentiality. A crucial aspect of the training concerns awareness of diplomacy and safe driving techniques (driving under police escort or secure convoy by armored vehicles). Finally, continuing education is essential to enable drivers to stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies and threats in the field of high-end and diplomatic passenger transportation. As such, our drivers are continually requisitioned for official escort and defensive driving missions. This may include updates on new vehicle models equipped with flag carriers (Audi A8 security, BMW 7 Protection, S 680 GUARD) security innovations and communication, as well as additional training on specific topics such as stress management or time management.
At Belgium Limousine Services, our experienced driver-guides not only take their passengers from point A to point B, they become real storytellers in cities like Brussels, Ghent, Bruges, Ypres, Paris… Driver-guides play a crucial role in the tourist experience of passengers, providing them with quality, personalized and enriching service. As such, they offer a personalized visit program depending on the time available. Their expertise, passion and dedication contribute to making each visit an unforgettable experience, and make them true travel artisans.
The Meet & Greet at Brussels Airport is a premium hospitality service designed to provide a VIP experience. This personalized service ensures a warm welcome, efficient assistance and fluidity throughout the airport. As soon as passengers arrive, a dedicated greeter is ready to welcome them. Support begins upon exiting the aircraft, where customers are escorted through customs and baggage claim. Meet & Greet takes care of collecting customers’ luggage. Once baggage is collected, guests are escorted to the private parking lot where our limousine is waiting, ready to depart. In summary, the Meet & Greet at Brussels Airport is much more than just a welcome service. It is a tailor-made VIP experience, designed to offer guests first-class treatment from the moment they arrive and also their safe and speedy departure.